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Booknerd's Corner

15th October, 2009. 4:26 pm. Welcome

Hello everyone who has made it here. As you know I've been having problems with plagiarism and took my stories down; well, they are back. Please, don't accuse me of looking for reviews or attention; that is not at all what I was doing. But I decided to put them back up because writing is something that I love and plagiarism is going to happen and I'm just going to have to deal with it. It sucks, but that's life I guess.

In order to read my stories, please leave a post on this entry that lets me know where you know me from and your penname from that site and I will friend you as soon as I come around (I apologize that everything is locked, but I'm being extra cautious right now). Thanks for your time.

Also . . .


Some of the stories on this page contain mature content, not suitable for readers under 17/18 years of age. All entries are marked with their rating and it is the duty of the reader to decide what is appropriate for them. I, the writer, take no responsibility for scaring younger readers if they decide to read the stories above their age bracket. Thank you.

Current mood: anxious.

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